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Sale Information
Barber Ranch markets our Hereford cattle for sale through various methods throughout the year including annual production sales and special auctions. Below is our current sales calendar and availability.
  2014 Barber Ranch Bull Sale - Wednesday, November 12, 2014
11 a.m. at Jordan Cattle Auction in San Saba, Texas. Broadcast live on RFD-TV by Superior Productions.
  Featuring 80 horned and polled Hereford bulls including:

• Fall 2012 bulls that will be 2 years old by sale time.
• Spring 2013 bulls that are well grown out and ready for service.
• Fall 2013 yearling bulls ready for you to customize their development to suit your program. These bulls are sired by our Gabrielle/Sooner sons: Copper, Dan, Currency, TNT, Moler, as well as some of the breeds leading performance sires: Nitro, Outcross, About Time, Catapult, 955, Thriller, Dutch, Dude, and Grizzly.
• A full brother to National Champions Anastasia, and Aventus.
• 2 About Time sons of Gabrielle that were shown very competitively in Denver and Ft. Worth.
• Full sibs to Outcross heifer that was champion female for Cherry family at Iowa State Fair.
• Barber Ranch will retain a breeding interest in bulls pictured below.
• We are honored to feature repeat guest consignor, Express Ranches Angus bulls to the outstanding offering. The sale will include some of their finest genetics. Nationally known for sound, fertile, problem free cattle with superior genetics and phenotype, Express Ranches bulls offer proven performance based genetics that have set the standard of excellence for ANGUS genetics! Express Ranches was rated as Number One in the June 2009 National Cattlemen Top Twenty-Five Seedstock Operations.


Featuring Replacement females including:

• 20 spring 2013 yearling Barber Ranch Hereford heifers bred to start calving 3/13/15.
• Service sire is a son of the Hereford breed’s #1 calving ease sire: Sensation 028X.
• 10 open fall 2013 Barber Ranch heifers ready to breed.

BR Iron Man 3062 ET
AHA Registration: 43412066 - View Pedigree
DOB: 3/31/13
epds: BW 5.9 • WW 69 • YW 114 • MM 27 • M+G 61
Full sib to Terri 3058 Show Heifer.
BR Terri 3058 ET
Class winner
2014 National Western Stock Show
Full sib to BR Iron Man 3062 ET.
BR SmartTime ET
AHA Registration: 43412078 - View Pedigree
DOB: 5/1/13
epds: BW 3.0 • WW 62 • YW 93 • MM 31 • M+G 62
Full Brother to BR Gabrielle 3A09 ET Show Heifer.
BR Gabrielle 3A09 ET
champion owned heifer division v polled heifer

2014 Junior National Hereford Expo
BR Nitro 3026 ET
AHA Registration: 43412085 - View Pedigree
epds: BW 5.1 • WW 65 • YW 108 • MM 24 • M+G 57
3026 is full sib to Anastasia and Aventus.
BR Anastasia 3023 ET
Grand Champion Polled Hereford female

2014 Fort Worth Stock Show Open Show
20 Spring 2013 Yearling Bred Heifers
Barber Ranch Hereford Heifers bred to start calving 3/13/15.
  holiday lights show heifer Sale - saturday, december 13, 2014
6 p.m. at Superior Studios in Fort Worth, Texas. A Superior Productions Click to Bid Sale.
  The Holiday Lights Sale will feature the most outstanding set of spring born heifers we have EVER had!! Two time Denver Champion, plus Supreme Champion, Gabrielle, her mother Goldriel 3029, as well as some of her Sooner daughters that are full sibs to herd bulls Currency, Copper, and Dan, are the maternal base for this sale offering.

Sires represented in addition to Barber Ranch raised bulls are: Nitro, Outcross, About Time, 88X, Stockman, Excel, Hutton, Sensation 028X, Redeem, and Thriller. Just wait till you see the femininity and flat out fancy these bulls produced with the Gabrielle females!!

We have a block of rooms reserved at the Hyatt Place: 817-626-6000, walking distance from the sale, as well as popular North Side night spots. Please call early if you want one.

Holiday Lights Sale--good cattle--good people--and a really good time!!
  past sales
  2014 Barber Ranch Show Steer and Heifer Sale

A Sincere THANK YOU to all the buyers, bidders and interested breeders!

The Barber Ranch Show Steer & Heifer Sale closed on Thursday, April 10th. Once the close-out period begins at 7:00 pm CST on April 10th there will be only 5 minutes left to place bids unless somebody bids in this 5 minute time frame. If a bid is received during this time then the close-out period will extend back to a 5 minute countdown. This extension will happen every time somebody bids until there are no more bids in the close-out period. When no more bids are received and the countdown clock reaches zero every item will be sold to the highest bidder. Some pictures/videos will be added over the weekend.

SmartAuctions is designed to be utilized over a Smart Phone or Smart Tablet. However, it also works over a normal computer. For those who would like to view the pictures/videos and bid over a Smart Phone/Tablet just text the word Barber to 52182 and follow the prompts. Once you have entered the required information via text message it will instantly send you the hyperlink to click on to access the auction. You will also receive confirmation of bids and notifications of being outbid via text message.

You should never have to access the sale from a computer unless you just want to, but for those who would like to view everything and bid over a traditional computer you may access the sale by CLICKING HERE. Even if you register over a computer you will still receive a text message with a hyperlink to the auction in case you want to access it from a Smart Device.

You will notice that you must enter a credit card before you may place a bid. You will NOT be charged for a purchase on this credit card after a sale unless you have specifically indicated you would like to do so. Entering a credit card ONLY verifies your identity. After the sale is complete the staff at SmartAuctions will contact the winners of each lot and ask how they would like to make payment and then send an invoice as well as assist in arranging transportation.

If you have any questions regarding the livestock being offered please call Justin Barber at (806) 681-5528. If you need any assistance in registering for the sale or bidding through SmartAuctions, please call SmartAuctions at (866) 419-6279 or e-mail for more details.
2014 Cowtown Lights Sale
Saturday, March 29, 2014

In the historic Fort Worth Stockyards in Fort Worth, Texas. We will be selling Hereford Show and Donor Prospects, Replacement Females, and Embryos.

View Sale Videos.
View catalog flip to the left.
View catalog PDF.

2013 Red & White Holiday Lights Spring Born Heifer Sale
December 14, 2013

A Sincere Thank You to all buyers and bidders in our recent sale. We appreciate all of your support and wish you the best with your new purchases. Please let us know if we can assist you with anything in the future.

View catalog flip to the left.
View catalog PDF.
View videos.
Lot 1 - BR Anastasia 3023 ET
Registration Number: P43412084 • Polled
Sire: UPS TCC Nitro 1ET
DOB: March 2, 2013
View Video
Lot 2 - BR Glorianna 3022
Registration Number: 43412000 • Horned
Sire: C Thriller ET
DOB: March 2, 2013
View Video
  Lot 3 - BR Terri 3058 ET
Registration Number: P43412063 • Polled
Sire: Golden Oak Outcross 18U
DOB: March 29, 2013
View Video
Lot 4 - BR MS Secret 3016
Registration Number: P43411995 • Polled
Sire: C Thriller ET
DOB: February 27, 2013
View Video

  Lot 5 - BR Stitch 'N Time 3092 ET
Registration Number: 43412018 • Horned
Sire: CRR About Time 743
DOB: April 19, 2013
View Video
Lot 6 - BR Gabrielle 3A09 ET
Registration Number: P43412080 • Polled
Sire: CRR About Time 743
DOB: May 2, 2013
View Video

  Lot 7 - BR Shylynn 3024
Registration Number: P43412051 • Polled
Sire: H W4 Grizzly 0146 ET
DOB: March 3, 2013
View Video
Lot 8 - BR Courtney 3006
Registration Number: 43412020 • Horned
Sire: BR CSF Copper ET
DOB: February 17, 2013
View Video

  Lot 9 - BR Carmen 3097
Registration Number: P43412017 • Polled
Sire: BR Golden Spread Dan
DOB: April 21, 2013
View Video
Lot 10 - BR Rachel 3064
Registration Number: 43406838 • Horned
Sire: BR Golden Spread Dan
DOB: April 1, 2013
View Video

  Lot 17 - BR Julie 3046
Registration Number: 43412005 • Horned
Sire: C Thriller ET
DOB: March 12, 2013
View Video
Lot 18 - BR MS Royal 3A11
Registration Number: 43411990 • Horned
Sire: C Thriller ET
DOB: May 4, 2013
View Video

  OUT OF SALE - Lot 19 - BR Ava 3074
Registration Number: 43411999 • Horned
Sire: BR Golden Spread Dan
DOB: April 7, 2013
Lot 20 - BR Terri 3072
Registration Number: P43412045 • Polled
Sire: BR Golden Spread Dan
DOB: April 5, 2013
View Video

  Lot 21 - BR Goldriel 3098 ET
Registration Number: 43412073 • Horned
Sire: BR DM TNT 7010 ET
DOB: April 22, 2013
View Video
Lot 22 - BR Goldriel 3090 ET
Registration Number: 43412070 • Horned
Sire: BR DM TNT 7010 ET
DOB: April 17, 2013
View Video

  Lot 24 - BR RA Terri 3018
Registration Number: 43412088 • Horned
Sire: BR DM TNT 7010 ET
DOB: March 2, 2013
View Video
2013 Barber Ranch
Annual Bull Sale

November 13, 2013

View Sale Videos - View PDF Sale Catalog

A sincere thank you from Barber Ranch. We appreciate everyone that attended and participated in our sale.

2013 Bull Sale Summary
• 65 bulls ave $5979
• 27 polled $6426
• 35 horned $5662
• Top Bull - Lot 4 - $16,500.
Sold to TY Herefords, Tarzan, TX. Less than 1%
• 3 bulls at $10,000. Less than 1%
• 11 bulls sold from $7000 to $9000 17%
• 14 bulls sold from $6000 to $7000 21%
• 12 bulls sold from $5000 to $6000 20%
• 21 bulls sold from $4000 to $5000 32%
• 3 bulls sold under $4000 1%
• 52% sold in the $4000 to $6000 range
Replacement Hereford females
• 10 bred heifers ave $3450
• 16 open heifers ave $2544
• 29 Angus bulls ave $4619
  Barber’s Red & White Cowtown Lights Sale
March 30, 2013 at Superior Studio Historic Fort Worth Stockyards.

View Sale Videos - View the PDF Catalog

Sale Gross: $433,825.00
— 37 live lots grossed $388,800, averaging $10,508
— 44 embryos grossed $37,025, averaging $841
— 1 flush at $8,000
Lot 1 - Tag 2161
- view video -
$55,000 for 1/2 interest to Chris Scharbauer, Amarillo, TX
  Lot 2 - Tag 2117
- view video -
$4,500 to 3D Ranch, Inc., Akron, CO
Lot 3 - Tag 2123
- view video -
$9,000 to Atlas Farms, Grandview, TX
  Lot 4 - Tag 2120
- view video -
$6,800 to Will Wheeler, Chickasha, OK
Lot 5 - Tag 2130
- view video -
$7,700 to James McKechnie Hereford Ranch, Shelby, MT
  Lot 6 - Tag 2132
- view video -
$4,000 to Scanlon Daniels, Dalhart, TX
Lot 7 - Tag 2133
- view video -
$8,500 to Hickory Hills  Farms, Batesville, MS
  Lot 8 - Tag 2138
- view video -
$5,400 to David Schrammel, Orlando, OK
Lot 9 - Tag 2140
- view video -
$10,000 to Turkey Feather Ranch, Ada, OK
  Lot 10 - Tag 2141
- view video -
$25.000 for 1/2 interest to Chris Scharbauer, Amarillo, TX
Lot 11 - Tag 2139
- view video -
$7,100 to Derrich Schacher, Nazareth, TX
  Lot 12 - Tag 2142
- view video -
$10,500 to Jace Prough/Jimmie Johnson, OK
Lot 13 - Tag 2153
- view video -
$8,000 to Max Cherry, Winthrop, IA
  Lot 14 - Tag 2162
- view video -
$7,500 to Carter McClendon, Lavon, TX
Lot 15 - Tag 2105
- view video -
$5,250 to Turkey Feather Ranch, Ada, OK
  Lot 16 - Tag 2143
- view video -
$8,700 to Carter McClendon, Lavon, TX
Lot 17 - Tag 2150
- view video -
$8,500 to David Lamle, Okeene, OK
  Lot 18 - Tag 2164
- view video
: $4,500 to Will Wheeler, Chickasha, OK
Lot 19 - Tag 2170
- view video -
$5,250 to Byron Stephenson, Abilene, TX
  Lot 20 - Tag 2173
- view video -
$11,000 to Jace Prough/Jimmie Johnson, OK
  View more past sale information
Visitors are always welcome at the ranch. Cattle, embryos, and semen packages are available year round through production sales and/or private treaty. Feel free to contact us for your next Hereford.
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