Welcome to Barber Ranch

BARBER RANCH, located 60 miles northwest of Amarillo Texas, is a nationally recognized name in the production of purebred Hereford cattle. Family owned and operated for over 115 years, the ranch currently has over 350 horned and polled cows roaming the plains and canyons of Channing, Texas.

At Barber Ranch, family comes first. Three generations are currently involved in the day-to-day operations of the ranch. Visit us on a summer day and you are likely to find the eldest generation Dale and Mary riding horseback checking pastures, the second-generation Brett bailing hay with Justin working a set of calves, and grandkids Bryden and Aidyn working on show cattle in the barn. While daughter Terri, son Jason, and granddaughter Rylee are not on the ranch full-time, they stay involved through the marketing and promotion of Barber Ranch cattle through live and online sales and at shows throughout the country.

The cow families behind the cattle at Barber Ranch see the same multi-generation influence as the human family. Study the pedigrees of the donors, herd sires, and cattle for sale, and you will often find the BR prefix on the maternal side of the pedigree going back generation upon generation. Names like Gabrielle, Abigail, Goldriel, Anastasia and Belle have become synonymous with in-demand bulls and females alike while progeny have gathered some of the top show accolades across the country.

While the show accolades are appreciated by the Barber family, producing real world bulls to sell every year at their sale in San Saba is the engine that keeps the operation moving forward. Bulls are developed at the ranch in the tough climate the Texas panhandle is known for, often being grouped in 100+ acre pastures throughout the spring, summer, and fall to prepare them to cover cows after the sale. In response to customer demands, every bull that will go through the 2021 sale will have genomic enhanced EPDs, performance weights, and ultrasound measurements available to complement the physical evaluation by the buyers.

Everyone at Barber Ranch invites you to stop in if you ever find yourself in the area. We will be happy to show you the herd we have worked so hard to build and aim to improve for generations to come!