2nd Annual GKB Cattle & Barber Ranch Spring Bull Sale

March 21, 2024 - Desdemona, Texas

Barber Ranch Genetics excel in all arenas.
Barber Ranch sells Hereford bulls across the country that are bred for heavy muscle and stout structure that consistently sire premium commercial calves. In addition to these highly sought after genetics, we also market a select group of females out of our elite herd that have been cornerstone herd builders for our customers.

GKB 8144 Notice Me Too B19 ET
Donated by Gary & Kathy Buchholz. B19 was the Lot 1
Foundation Female in the 2014 Mile High Night National Hereford Sale.
Sold for $125,000 to Colyer Herefords, ID; Bar One Ranch, OR;
Elm Tree Farm, KY; and GKB Cattle, TX.

RC Bohlin 307 ET
Currency son bred and shown by River Circle Farm, Hartsville, TN, that is currently undefeated beginning with winning his division at the 2013 NAILE and his impressive sweep of prominent eastern state fairs including Tennessee State Show and TN & Kentucky State Fairs. Congratulations River Circle Farm on winning the Southeastern Region Show Bull of the Year!

BR Bailee 1066 ET
Purchased and shown by Colyer Herefords, Bruneau, ID, in our Red & White Cowtown Lights Sale who went on to be named Grand Champion Female at the 2013 Fort Worth Stock Show.


► Linda & Bryan Sidwell, Carr, Co

In May 2018 when Barber Ranch was having their cowherd sale, it was a must attend event for us. We had done our homework on the entire sale catalog and had our lists formed for when we arrived to view the cattle in person.

Our first impression was the footnotes in the catalog portrayed the cattle perfectly, thus making it that much easier to view and scrutinize the cattle of our choices. We came away from that sale with females that we felt would fit our environment (very similar to Barber’s area), enhance our herd, and add fresh genetics to our cowherd. One purchase did not work out, and 2 years after the sale, Barbers made it right by replacing the one female. Customer service 2nd to none.

Our next big purchases from BR were 2 herd bulls, BR Belle Air E133 ET aka Snacks and BR Rip Wheeler E092 ET (Belle Air’s full sib). We had big expectations for these bulls crossing on our mostly Line 1 herd. We bought ½ interest/possession in Snacks and full possession of Rip. Barber’s decided they wanted to show Snacks that first breeding season, and once again they bent over backwards to make sure we had semen available on Snacks and any other bull that we would like to fill the void of not being able to turn out Snacks. We AI’ed a handful of cows to him, not enough to really have a fair idea of what his capabilities would be.

We used Rip that first breeding season, he worked hard covering 31 out 32 cows in a very short amount time. When we pulled him from the cows, we were so impressed in how he was bouncing back from working the summer, we had to call Mary and ask her advice on our crazy idea of getting Rip ready to show at NWSS 2020. Rip made the trek to NWSS and turned the heads of many, the entire time we could hardly wait for calving season to start and get his first calves on the ground.

Rip crossed so well on our cows; it was easily the best set of calves we had in many years. The calves had eye appeal, stoutness, pigment- they were everything we had hoped for.

2021 brings the deadly combo of Snacks and Rip calves. Without a doubt the 2 bulls have powered up our Line 1 cowherd.

Barbers are not just business partners, but they make you feel like family. They make sure their customer needs are met, and if for any reason they are not Barbers will strive to satisfy the customer.

We have been so pleased with the stock we have purchased from them, we have now added a 3rd powerful herd bull to our lineup, G032.

Bottom line, we feel that the Barber program aligns with our program. For us, we must find useful cattle that can live in tough conditions and be able to work and survive. Without a doubt our purchases from BR have 100% done that, as well as advanced our program.


► Sloan Family Livestock, San Saba, Texas







Chris Scharbauer is a top bull buyer that raises commercial Herefords as well as black baldies.

The Hills use Barber Hereford bulls to produce market-topping black baldies. Cow horses from H Ranch make everyday checking and handling cattle sheer pleasure for the Barbers. Dale, Mary, & family have ridden Hill horses for years.


Horsegate Ranch is producing outstanding F1 calves using Barber Ranch bulls, including National Champion, Gladiator.


Barber Ranch Hereford bulls offer many advantages for the commercial cattleman and come backed with a breeding guarantee. We would be happy to discuss with you the role that Hereford bulls can play in improving your crossbreeding program or commercial cow herd. Please contact us at anytime to schedule a visit or email us for more information.